Do You…

✅ Consistently hear about the increase in bullying starting from as early as Prep, and often wonder if your child may become the next victim?

 Want your child to develop into a confident, yet calm individual who can easily find the balance between standing out and staying within boundaries?

✅ Want to see your child excel in school with the ability to stay focused on the task at hand and work well in team environments?

✅ Want your child to learn the skills to protect themselves with the understanding of when and why there are only  appropriate time to use it

Will your child…

✅ Benefit from increased focus and self discipline that will carry through to their school, home and social life?

 Thrive from developing confidence in themselves and learning new leadership skills from positive role models

✅ Want to provide your child with a place to use up some energy with kids of different ages and backgrounds without being concerned for their safety?

✅ Enjoying kicking, punching and making lots of noise with other kids in a judgement-free, bully-free space
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We understand your concerns for your child’s health, safety, education and future. Many parents seek sporting activities for their children to find a motivating outlet that will encourage team work, social skills and focus. Martial arts instruction often receives one of two reputations. Sadly, one of those reputations is that children who do martial arts may become aggressive or violent. We find that unfortunately this reputation often comes from sources such as the media, who have not had any experience in the martial arts environment themselves, and the truth is quite the opposite!  In our kids program, we take responsibility for ensuring our young students gain the necessary life skills to become an important part of their community, and the future of our planet.

What your children will get from our Muay Tinys™ program

✅ Leadership skills in an environment without judgement or negativity

✅ The skills to defuse bullying without violence

✅ A structured program that teaches discipline, focus and respect

✅ An outlet to disperse their energy & frustrations in a positive & rewarding way

✅ Become part of a community with supportive team mates and coaches

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We have designed our kids program to not only teach traditional Muay Thai, but to also provide techniques and resources so that your child can naturally develop the ability to show respect, dedication, focus, self discipline, goal setting, team work and compassion.

main.jpgEach month our class will focus on a specific quality and learn how they can take that with them into their everyday life. These qualities include; Team WorkCouragePatienceFocusGoal SettingResponsibilityLeadership.

We find that soon after starting our program, parents often comment on the changes they witness in their child’s confidence and behaviour. School work often improves as the child is now able to display the qualities required to stay focused during class, and show respect for their teachers.


While it is important for your child to learn the physical self defense skills that our program will teach, our bully prevention techniques also provide children with the skills to mentally and emotionally handle a bullying situation. Our gym has a strict no-tolerance bully policy, and therefore will always be an
environment where your child can feel safe.
We are true believers that is takes a village to raise a child, so at Double Dose, we want to work with you to continually improve our kids program. Not only will they have fun, keep fit and meet some new friends but they will learn valuable tools that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We currently offer kids classes for ages between 5 and 11 years. More then one instructor is always available, and therefore classes are often split into 2 groups so that the kids are working within their similar age group/ skill level. Teens are welcome to join the adults class. Sometimes children develop, learn and grow at a different rate, therefore if your child is anywhere between 4 and 13, we recommend booking for a trial so that we can find the best fit for your child.

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