🔥 Have you always wanted to try Boxing or Kickboxing but been to anxious to get started?

🔥 Looking for a gym that offers a family friendly culture where you can feel part of the team?

🔥 Looking for killer workouts that are fun and suitable for beginners of all ages?

Various forms of boxing and kickboxing have been the go-to fitness regime for many well-known celebrities for decades. Muay Thai offers a full body workout which develops lean muscles, core strength and cardiovascular fitness all-in-one. In fact, many say that once Muay Thai has become your workout of choice, it is very difficult to return to the typical ‘weights/cardio’ gym session. Not only is it interesting and challenging, but it builds strength, gets your heart rate up, burns calories and develops a great core! (ie. Abs!)

Our Muay Thai classes will teach you traditional Muay Thai skills while also getting you maximum results for your health and fitness goals.


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Get fighting fit without getting hit!Nakia-Photoshoot-FlyingKnee.jpeg

Our Muay Thai program is designed for all ages and fitness levels. We understand that some students don’t want the full-contact aspect of a combat sport and therefore we have our sparring classes within its own time slot for those who wish to test their skills at the next level. Many students start sparring after approximately 3 months of training and some choose not to spar at all!

🔥 Get a full body workout in every class

🔥 Relieve stress & anxiety

🔥 Skyrocket your confidence

🔥 Learn valuable self defense skills

🔥 Melt fat & gain strength

🔥 Increase your energy levels

🔥 Meet like-minded people

🔥 Have a Blast!

Here’s what you get:
✅ Free Trial & Goal Setting Consult so you can make sure its a good fit for you
✅ Family friendly Muay Thai – NO intimidating environment of an old school fight gym
✅ Fully guided group training sessions to help you torch fat and increase strength
✅ That community feel, with supportive team mates and coaches
✅ A variety of classes with the largest Muay Thai timetable on the Gold Coast (AM & PM)
✅ Open Gym access with strength, cardio and boxing equipment
✅ Kids playroom to keep the little ones entertained

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