Competition isn’t for everyone and at Double Dose Muay Thai, we do not expect any of our members to compete. In fact, as little as 10% of the student body are on the Competition Team.

However, for those who wish to take their Muay Thai journey to the big stage, Double Dose Australia has a specialised program dedicated to preparing students during their transition into becoming a fighter.

19510107_487400961602314_3817531600710492111_n Competition Fight Team classes are based on many traditional Thai principles, and run for 1.5 hours per day, 6  days a week. When a student commits to the idea of competing, they will have the opportunity to trial our competition team training, and learn what it takes to prepare for a real fight. Our student’s safety and well-being is most important to us, and therefore it will take some time before the coaches will submit a student’s name for their first fight.

When preparing for a fight, the student will train through a 6 to 8 week ‘fight camp’ which requires total dedication and focus. The training is difficult, and will push the fighter to new limits. Throughout this camp, we focus on pad work, sparring, fighting styles, techniques, mental preparation and diet. While it is certainly one of the most challenging experiences, it is also very thrilling, and highly addictive.


The coaches at Double Dose will ensure the young fighter completely understands the competition process and most importantly is equipped with the mindset it takes to step over those ropes.

At Double Dose Australia, we limit the competition team to a small group, allowing our coaches to dedicate the proper time and energy to ensure their success. Our head coaches are still actively fighting themselves, and understand the rollercoaster of physical and mental emotions that a fighter will experience throughout their journey.

At the end of the day, it all comes back to the core principles of Double Dose Australia; Family. Teamwork. Tradition. Dedication & Respect and for those who wish to compete, this is no different.