What is Muay Thai?


Muay Thai Kickboxing is an ancient combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching/ grappling techniques. Muay Thai is referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.

In recent years, Muay Thai is very commonly known as the stand-up training behind many of todays best UFC and MMA fighters.

Muay Thai is an entire body workout, and with practice develops balance, core strength, cardio fitness and overall health.


What can I expect at Double Dose?

Double Dose Australia offers quality Muay Thai instruction through structured curriculum developed by Double Dose Muay Thai founder, Ajarn Bryan Dobler.

This curriculum has been tried and tested by some of the largest Muay Thai schools in the world, and continues to grow and develop as the sport evolves. Starting at a foundation level,  members will receive detailed instruction on core techniques each month. Using these techniques- combinations, defenses, counter attacks and drills will be incorporated into each lesson, providing students with a thorough understanding of the many aspects involved to develop clean technique and strong power.

For more experienced students, these techniques are incorporated into difficult combinations and added to advanced techniques such as competition styles, sweeps, jumping and spinning attacks.

In addition to the sports application, street self defense versions of these techniques are taught regularly so that students can utilise these skills to protect themselves and their family should they ever need too.

Some of the benefits that students will gain by attending Double Dose Australia:

  • muaythaitextReal life self defense skills
  • Confidence
  • Muscle gain
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility
  • Improved reaction times
  • Motivation
  • Focus 
  • Energy


Family Friendly Environment

Double Dose Muay Thai was brought to Australia by a husband & wife team in honour of their coach, mentor and friend, Ajarn Bryan ‘Double Dose’ Dobler (Double Dose Muay Thai USA). Along with their very active 4 year old boy, Double Dose Australia has been developed as an environment suitable for families of all ages and walks of life. We have many members that are families of 3 to 5, who are all able to enjoy Muay Thai together!


While an old-school boxing gym is cool in the Rocky films, the owners of DDMT understand that martial arts of any kind can be very intimidating for a beginner. So they have worked hard to develop a culture within the gym that is welcoming, and encouraging for all. If you are looking for a new challenge, and would like to work with enthusiastic, kind and hard working team mates, then Double Dose Australia may be the right fit for you. We understand that is it not for everyone, and therefore are able to offer a Free trial at our location in Ormeau.